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Welcome to Lyudmila's homepage!


This is the only page written in English since my site was created for Russian-speaking people taking their first steps on the American land or planning to move to the USA, or maybe just interested in life and traditions of this country.  I don't pretend to have a complete knowledge of all peculiarities of life in the US. I am only making an attempt to share what I know with other people and tell about my experience after four years of permanent residence in this country.


My site consists of five parts:

- Chronicle relates to my personal life and my family;

- Notebook is the main section that portrays many sides of everyday life in the United States such as shopping, education, transportation, weather, medical insurance etc.;

- New York City I.Q. gives you some interesting facts from the history of New York;

- Photo album;

- Guest book.


In conclusion, I would like to introduce myself shortly. My name is Lyudmila Dolgopyat. I was born and spent 23 years of my life in Moscow, Russia. For the past four years and until now my home has been in New York which I am more and more falling in love with. During these years I have held a position of general manager of household :-). I am married to a wonderful man Igor Tandetnik who provided technical and moral support in design of this site.


Very sincerely yours,

Lyudmila Dolgopyat